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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 2

This week’s spelling rule is the endings ant, ent, ance, ence, ancy and ency.


Choosing the right ending is not easy, as they both sound the same in many words.

There is only one clear rule to help you:


If the ending is the suffix ment, you know it is ent. For example:


agree + ment = agreement

govern + ment = government


There is no other way of telling which ending to use – you will need to rely on your memory.


Adjectives ending in ant can change to make nouns ending in ance.


elegant = elegance     distant = distance     brilliant = brilliance


Adjectives ending in ent can change to make nouns ending in ence.


evident = evidence     different = difference     violent = violence


Use the vowel clue from the adjective to help spell the noun and vice versa.


Some words ending in ant or ent can be changed to nouns by adding ancy or ency.


pregnant = pregnancy     current = currency


Task 1: How many different adjectives can you think of that end in ant or ent?

Can you turn them into nouns using ance, ence, ancy or ency?


Task 2: Work out which letters are missing (ance, ence, ancy or ency) and then write out the whole word.