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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 11


Common noun = things, names, places and people.

Proper noun = as above but words that need capitals.

Adjective = describing word

Verb = doing word (often ends in ‘ing’)

Adverb = Describes the verb (doing word) e.g. Swam quickly, hopped slowly.

Task one

Write four common nouns beginning with P


Write four proper nouns beginning with P


Task two

Write an adjective next to each letter:-

I        _____________    

J        _____________

K        _____________

L        _____________

M       _____________

N       _____________

O       _____________

P        _____________



Task three

Circle the verbs and underline the adverbs in these sentences

  1. Jack quickly dribbled passed his opponent.


  1. Finlay kindly pulled down the chairs in year 3.


  1. Catherine neatly brushed her hair.


  1. Rosie accurately scored 3 goals in netball.


  1. Joseph swiftly ran the 100m race.


  1. Mya carefully carried in her 8 teddy bears to school.


  1. Harriet played the piano sweetly.


  1. Sarah skilfully sewed her puppet.


  1. Nikan cleverly solved the maths problem.