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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 11


To think about while reading:

  1. What are the women doing gathered in the middle of the street?
  2. What do we learn about toilets in the Victorian houses?
  3. Who are the two men that Charlie and Tilda meet? What are their jobs?

After reading the chapter:

  1. Who does Charlie mean by ‘artisans’?
  2. Look at the quotes: ‘…the stern face of a very large man…’ and ‘…the burly constable growled…’. What impression do you get of the police constable?
  3. What has Mrs Baxter done wrong?
  4.  “D’you hear that, Constable?” sneered the little man. “They haven’t done anything wrong!”

       What does the word ‘sneered’ suggest?

  1. Where does the constable threaten to take the children?




To think about while reading:

  1. Who is discovered in the house?
  2. Where was Mrs Baxter reported to be?
  3. Look for any similes or metaphors that you can find in the chapter.

After reading the chapter:

  1. What happened to the Baxters’ father?
  2. Who is captured and who gets away in this chapter?
  3. Joseph is described as ‘wearing clothes that hung from his thin frame like rags on a scarecrow’. What impression does this give of him?
  4. What other synonym for ‘idiots’ is used?
  5. How do the Baxter children feel? Find evidence in the text to support your answer.