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Week 11

Home learning tasks – Spelling



Well done for all your hard work throughout your home learning!

Everyone at St. Paul’s is proud of you.


When we practice out spellings, we need to be careful that we are familiar with the spelling rules.

In this week’s spelling activity, we are going to explore the spelling rule where words with the k sound are spelt with the ch sound.

There are not many words with this rule, but it is a rule we need to learn in year 4.


The following words include the ch sound, but when we read the word aloud, we hear the k sound (remember, the ch sound can be included anywhere in the word!):

  • stomachache

I had agonising stomachache before I went on my luxury holiday.

  • chemist

On a hot summer’s day morning, I slowly walked to the chemist.

  • mechanic

My father works as a mechanic because he wants to earn lots of money.



Task 1: Now it is your turn to write some sentences of your own with each word included.

Can you test yourself and include some expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials or conjunctions in your sentences?

Once you have finished, ask a friend to check it for you.



There are many other words that include the ch sound, but when we read the word aloud, we hear the k sound.











Task 2: Spelling menu.

Using the words in the table above, choose one or two activities to complete from the spelling menu.



Task 3: Last week we looked at adding possessive apostrophes to words that provide information about one person.

Today, we will look at using possessive apostrophes when something belongs to more than one person.



Can you write a sentence about this picture, which includes a possessive apostrophe?