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Week 11

Week 11 Science Task


LO: To know what positive effects exercise has on the body.


Last week we explored the different food groups and what makes up a healthy meal. We also looked at what the benefits of each food group are. This week, we are going to continue thinking about being healthy, but we are going to focus on exercise. We do lots of exercise at school because it keeps us fit and healthy, but why?


  • Exercise is extremely important for you because it keeps your
    body healthy.
  • Another important reason exercise is important is because it makes you feel great! The more active you are, the more energy you will have. This energy will make you feel fantastic!
  • Exercise is also very important for the organs inside your body.
  • Your heart becomes very strong when you are active and exercise.
  • Your heart is a muscle. This means that the more active you are, the stronger your heart gets.
  • Exercise is also very important for the rest of the muscles in your body. There are over 650 muscles in your body!
  • With every exercise you do, each of your muscles get stronger.


Have a look at these exercises below; can you make a sequence of movements? Practice your sequence of movements and then think about all of the benefits of the exercises you have just done!