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Week 11

Home learning tasks – Writing



Well done on all your hard work so far!

Last week, you all completed a block plan for the opening paragraph of the story Varmints.

You have also built up lots of vocabulary to describe the character and setting, over the course of a few weeks.

Today, you are going to use your previous work as a stimulus for your writing.



Task 1: Below, I have created a good example of an opening paragraph, using my setting and character descriptions from the last couple of weeks to help me. 

I have included lots of vocabulary to create emphasis and suspense.


Your task is to read it and highlight words or sentences that meet the success criteria.

The success criteria can be found below the WAGOLL.



As the sun peered through the soft, fluffy clouds and a sky full of birds sang a musical tune, a beautiful, picturesque city could be seen and heard. Peaceful and tranquil, one would say, a sheer cry away from any hecticness. Oh nature is a beautiful thing, anyone would question one who would want to ruin such a thing. The Varmints, who lived there appeared shy, timid, and perhaps some would say cute, as they pranced around in the long grass, but their intentions were far from the soft nature of their alleged characteristics. The beautiful sounds of wildlife no longer filled the sky. It was as if someone had taken all nature away. Someone?



Task 2: Now it is your turn!

Please use the WAGOLL as inspiration and to magpie ideas.

If you are unsure about the success criteria, then please refer back to your previous weeks of work in grammar and writing.


Success criteria


Interesting sentence openers using fronted adverbials


Use of comma after a fronted adverbial


Expanded noun phrases










Task 3: Once you have finished writing your first draft of the opening paragraph, return to your work the following day to proof read and check for mistakes.

Challenge yourself to up-level your work!

Make yourself proud.