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Week 11

Week 11 History Task


L.O: To know how the last Anglo Saxon’s used to communicate.


Just like the Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphics, the Anglo Saxon’s had their own special language that they used to communicate with. This language was called “Runes” and Anglo Saxon’s would use sticks/mud and other resources that could be used as writing tools to leave messages.


Have a think about these questions:


  • Why do you think Anglo Saxons would write using Runes?
  • Where might they write their sentences?
  • Do you think the Anglo Saxons had pens and paper?
  • Who do you think would have used Runes?


Now have a look at the Runes below.




If you have a pen and paper handy, can you:


  • Write your name?
  • Write your favourite hobby?
  • Write a message for a friend that you are missing at school?