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Week 11

Home learning tasks – Reading


This week, your reading task is to read through the story of The Hunter and the Swan.

Perhaps you could read this story to someone else, or you could read it before you go to bed, before completing the set of questions on it tomorrow.






1. Looking at page 11, the author uses lots of descriptive language. Write a word or phrase that you really like and explain why. Perhaps you could make a note of this word or phrase so you can magpie it in your work when you return to school.


2. What happened when the hunter released the arrow?


3. How do you think the hunter felt at the top of page 12? Provide your answer and explain why you think this.


4. ‘She hated to see any living thing suffer, and now her heart grieved when she saw the swan’. What do you think the word grieved means? Can you then challenge yourself to think of a synonym (another word that means the same thing) for the word?


5. How does the author’s choice of words make you feel at the beginning of the story compared to the end of the story?