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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 10

Common noun = person, place or thing that doesn’t need a capital letter e.g. woman, sweet, tablet, city.

Proper noun = person, place or name of something that starts with a capital letter e.g. Bob, Dr Doolittle, IPad, Liverpool.

Adjective = describing word

Verb = doing word (often ends in ‘ing’)

Task one

Colour blue = common noun –

Colour red = proper noun.             (watch out there are a few trick words)

Ipod                      hamster                 Mrs Williams                    blonde

picture                   phone                     Queen                    chair

grey                       Pizza Express          down            Moshi Monster


Task two

Write an adjective next to each letter:-

A       _____________    

B        _____________

C        _____________

D       _____________

E        _____________

F        _____________

G        _____________

H       _____________



Task three

Circle the verbs in these sentences

  1. The Liverpool manager and Manchester United manager were arguing.


  1. Jenny threw the ball to Jessica.


  1. They caught the train.


  1. The Liverpool Eye moved slowly.


  1. Big Ben struck 12.


  1. Paddy jumped on the trampoline.


  1. Mrs Fallon took a photograph.


  1. Miss Houlton cheered form the side-line.


  1. Mrs Stanbury played on the piano.


  1. Mrs Ashdown ate chocolate.