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Week 10





Key vocabulary

Settlement: Settlements are places where people live and sometimes work. They can be small or large depending on how many people live there and how many facilities there are.

Town: A town is bigger than a village but smaller than a city.

City: A city is the largest type of settlement.

Compare: to point out similarities and differences.

Facilities: Buildings, equipment or services

Rural: Open spaces of countryside where there is a small population.

Urban: Characteristic of a town or city.


What is a town?

A town is a larger settlement in comparison to a village as more people live here! Due to this, they need more homes and more shops! You might even find some leisure facilities, places of worship & a number of different schools. Towns often have thousands of people living in them.


What is a city?

The biggest settlement is called a city. They often have millions of people living in them.  In a city you will find lots of different kinds of homes where all of these people live. Some live in houses and some live in flats or apartments. Cities have even more to offer than a town! They have lots of shops, leisure facilities, schools, places of worship, restaurants, cinemas & museums.




Your Task.

Copy & fill in the Venn diagram. In the left section, only the features of Blackpool will be written in here. On the right, only the individual features of Manchester will be here. In the ‘both’ section, you can add features that BOTH locations have. One has been done as an example. This will give us a clear picture of the similarities and differences between Blackpool and Manchester. 



Here are some examples of features you can include:




How many more features can you include in your diagram from the fact files above? 5? 10? 15? Can you find any on your own?