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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 10



Last week we looked in depth at insects and amphibians. 

This week’s task is to read the poem on living things and answer the following questions. 




Read the poem and… 

1. Identify what bats hunt at night.  

2. Find which word tells you how big the tree is? 

3. List three words that capture your interest, then explain why they capture your interest.  

I really like the word graze because it is more imaginative than the word eat, and I can envision a more detailed image of the poem.  

4. There are many precision nouns in this poem, which you looked at last week in grammar. I have found one, sheep.  

Write down all the precision nouns you can find.  

5. Use the text to find out what the relationship is between all living things? 

6. How does this poem compare to the poem you read in week 8? 



Challenge: What is each section of writing called in a poem?