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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 10




In this week’s spelling activity, we will be investigating what happens to words ending in f when suffixes are added.


Can you remember what a suffix is? Write a definition and/or tell your friend.

Most words ending in ‘f’ change to ‘ves’ in the plural. Remember, plural means more than one.


Task 1: Change the following words into plurals:

For example: leaf  leaves  







Task 2: Now let’s have a try at writing these words in sentences. I have done the first sentence for you. If you want to challenge yourself, add in expanded noun phrases.



It is good to know the rules, but you need to know there are exceptions to the rules too.


For example, the word belief turns into beliefs what it changes to a plural.


Can you spot what is different about this rule?


Task 3: Now let’s look at using possessive apostrophes (which indicates that something belongs to someone) in the sentences below. The first sentence has been done for you. 


The wolf’s fur was a dull, grey colour.  

The possessive apostrophe has been highlighted and is placed at the end of the root word to show that the information given belongs to one person.  

Can you add a possessive apostrophe to the following sentence? 

The thiefs personality was senseless and nasty.  


Challenge: Can you think of and write your own sentence with a possessive apostrophe included? Show your friend. 

Next week we will look at using possessive apostrophes when something belongs to more than one person.