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Week 10

Week 10: Grammar Task


As we will be writing a diary entry next week, we will need to understand how to write in first person. We can write in either the first, second or third person. If writing a story in the first person, write as though you are a character inside the story. Describe how you feel and what you are doing or have done and use the pronoun ‘I’. For example:  Last year, I went to Spain with my family. I loved it!


Other pronouns used in the first person:

  • my
  • me
  • mine
  • we
  • our
  • ours
  • us


Which of my sentences are written in the first person?


  1. The girls went to the park and played football.
  2. I had sausages for my tea.
  3. We watched a football game on the television.
  4. They enjoyed eating popcorn and watching films.]
  5. Our dog is a labradoodle.