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Week 10

English Activity


Refresh your memory on what you read last week as part of your writing activity.


Let’s begin this week’s writing activity by continuing to read the first part of Varmints. 



What are your thoughts on the first part of Varmints?



Now that you have spent the past couple of weeks creating some of your own sentences to describe the setting and character of the story Varmints, this week’s task is for you to prepare to create your own opening paragraph.



Task 1: Gather together all of your sentences and check to make sure you have included vocabulary to create emphasis and suspense. If you have not, spend some time including some.



Suspense means to create feelings of uncertainty or anxiousness about something.


This can be done by not including key pieces of information.


Emphasis means to give special value to something.


We want to make the reader of our story feel as intrigued and sceptical as we did when we read it!


Use the word mat to help you.





Have a look at the checklist. This is what you need to aim to include in your opening paragraph describing the setting and character.


Below are some examples of WAGOLLs. Once you have read through, create some of your own.



Task 2:  

Now you are going to complete the block plan for the introduction in preparation to begin writing. 

Use my additional questions to help you complete your own table.