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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 1


Have you done your grammar task? This will help with your English tasks.


English Task 1


Remember ~ Plural means more than one. If your word ends in a ch, sh, zzss and x it sounds like ‘is’ but we write esFor everything else we just add s.



Using the scene below, find all of the items hidden in the woodland. Then write your own sentences about what you can see and where you found them. Underneath the picture is my example. 



e.g. I can see three yellow chicks sitting on a tree branch. There are two grey bats hanging from tree branches.



If you can make your sentences even more interesting then that would be great. 


English Task 2 - Little Red Riding Hood


Can you add the correct plural to my sentences? Can you then finish the story of ‘Little Red Riding hood’? 




Now it’s your turn! Can you finish the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? Can you add your own plurals and try to make sure sentences more exciting by adding lots of describing words.