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Week 1

Compound sentences


A compound sentence consists of two independent clauses (they make sense on their own), joined together by a comma and a coordinating conjunction.


The coordinating conjunctions are:



He was tired, for he went to bed early.

I cooked dinner, and he washed the dishes.

Jane has a red car, but Jill has a blue car.


Task 1: How many coordinating conjunctions are there in this paragraph?


I went to Chester, and I went to the zoo. I saw a lion, but I was scared, so I shut my eyes. The giraffes were inside, for it was raining, and the giraffes did not want to get wet. My brother wanted to go into the shop, yet he couldn’t buy anything, for he had left his money at home. I didn’t get an ice cream, nor did I get my face painted. My mum tried to cheer us up, so she said we could go to the penguin parade, or we could go to the sealion show. I picked the penguins, for they are my favourite animal, and they were very funny.


Task 2: Complete each sentence with the correct coordinating conjunction.


  1. She went to work, ________ she did not want to go.
  2. Polar bears are fierce animals, _______ grizzly bears are the same.
  3. It was cold outside, _______ he put on a jumper.
  4. My cat was hungry, _______it had not eaten since breakfast.
  5. He can buy the book, _______ he can borrow it from the library.


Task 3: Write 7 compound sentences using each coordinating conjunction.

Don’t forget to punctuate your sentences correctly.