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Week 1

Grammar activity


Model verbs are verbs that cannot usually work alone. They are used with a main verb – remember a verb is a doing word.


Here are some model verbs:

                  might                     will                     should                     can                    

                  mightn’t                won’t                 shouldn’t                can’t


Use these words to complete each of these sentences. You can use a word more than once if you need to. 


  1. Pasha ___________ try her hardest at school.
  2. He is so tired, he __________ keep his eyes open.
  3. Tom is a great footballer. He __________even play in goal!
  4. If she keeps trying hard, she __________ just have a chance.
  5. He is still learning. He __________ do his shoe laces up just yet.
  6. You _________ hurt people or steal things.
  7. When you have finished eating, you _________ wash your plate.
  8. When they get there, they _________ find it waiting for them.