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Wednesday 6th January

Next week, we will start our new 'Romeo and Juliet' writing topic.


In order to start this, we need to recap previous learning from Year 5. We will be looking at parenthesis.


Parenthesis is when you can add a word, phrase or a clause to a sentence to provide more information.

When the extra information is removed, the sentence must still make sense. 

We can use commas, brackets and dashes to punctuate parenthesis.


Boris Johnson, who is the prime minister, lives at 10 Downing Street.

Todd (my dog) loves to run on the field.

Our next book - which is Miss Booth's favourite - is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.


Today, I would like you practice using commas for parenthesis. 

Please complete pages 44 and 45 in your KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.