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Wednesday 6th January

This week, we are learning about inferences


Inferences are very important when reading a story or text, and is a good reading comprehension skill.

When we make inferences while reading, we are using clues or evidence in the text to discover something that isn't written.

We are practicing showing not telling. 


Eg. There were no leaves on the trees = it must be winter.

Goldilocks sat in baby bear's chair and it broke = Goldilocks was too heavy for baby bear's chair. 


Over the rest of this week, I will put a picture on of a different pair of shoes.

I want you to use your inference skills to find evidence for who might wear/own the shoes.


I would then like you to write a 3 mark answer to explain who would own the shoes.

Don't forget to back up your answer with at least 3 pieces of evidence.


Here is my WAGOLL:




I think this boot belongs to a 3-5 year old as the shoe size is of a small child. The colour and dinosaur decoration suggests that the child is male. Joules is an expensive make, so I feel the family are wealthy and like designer labels. The boots look clean, so I think they are well-looked after and must belong to someone who enjoys being outdoors. 





Who would wear these shoes?

Use evidence to justify your answer (3 marks).