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Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January 2021

LO: To know how to write a summary. 


Before writing a summary of the 3rd chapter I would like you to refresh your memories. To do this you are going to be reading through the 3rd chapter independently. Pages 32-39 have been inserted below.




Do you remember what a summary is? 

A summary is a short statement or paragraph of the main points. 

In our case, this means a short paragraph of the main events in the first chapter. 

Here are a few main points: 

  • A family (father, mother, a little boy and a little girl) had a picnic on top of a hill. 
  • An Iron hand came up through the grass - it was the Iron Man!
  • The farmers wanted to call the Army to save them from the Iron Man but Hogarth had another idea!


To find the 3 bullet points above, I re-read through the first few pages of the second chapter (32-39) and picked out the main points - things I thought were important to remember. 



Add 3 bullet points onto the 3 above stating the key points over the next few pages (32-39). When you have finished your 6 bullet points, please can you write a short paragraph about these 6 points. This will be your summary of the second chapter.