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LEARNING to make a difference

Wednesday 20th January


Today, we are going to write the ending of our newspaper report with quotes using direct and reported speech.


Here are the differences between reported speech and direct speech.


Here are some examples of how we could write both reported speech and direct speech in our newspaper report.



We now need to plan our reported speech and direct speech, so that we don't repeat ourselves.

Here is a picture of the next part of the plan.

Please write your ideas on a piece of paper before you start writing.

(You don't need to print this plan out).



Here is my WAGOLL plan to help you:



After you have planned your ideas, please find your newspaper report that you have written so far.


Re-read over what you have already written and then please write today's section.


Don't forget to leave 3 finger spaces when you start each paragraph and try to use a variety of punctuation to make your writing more interesting.


If you need to go onto a new piece of lined paper, don't forget to draw a line down the middle of your page to create your columns.


Here is my WAGOLL to help you:



Once you have finished, please check over your work for any spelling or punctuation errors.


Try reading your work to someone at home to check it makes sense and reads well.