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Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January 

LO: To learn about the phases of the moon. 




Please can you watch this video. 

While you are watching, can you have a think about what is happening? 

Can you identify:

The Moon

The Sun



Still image for this video

Now we are going to learn a little bit more about how the Moon orbits the Earth. 

Watch this rap to help you learn the phases of the Moon.


Still image for this video





Can you create something which shows the different phases of the moon?

I have left this activity quite open, it is up to YOU and what you have at home to how you want to show them!


Here are some AMAZING examples...



You could even use OREOS! 

If you go back to our space week page and click on the 'space week activities' there will be another icon labelled 'oreo phases of the moon'!!