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Wednesday 20th January 2021

LO: To know how to write facts for different pictures of toys in the past.


Adults: Children only need to write out the ‘In the past…’ sentences. Feel free to write the sentence to show them and for them to copy underneath if they would find this helpful. You can also help them with ideas and with spellings, but encourage them to use their phonics to make an attempt at the spellings. If you see ‘Challenge’ this is an optional activity if your child has completed the work quickly, or they want to do some more.




Can you remember how we started our sentences yesterday?


Yes! That’s right. We started with ‘In the past’.

Today we will start our sentences in the same way.


Can you say ‘In the past’?

Whisper it.

Shout it.

Clap it out.

Make up some actions to remind you.


We are going to write a fact about this picture. What do you notice about it?



     I noticed that the scooters are made of wood.


I have written a sentence about the scooters. Have I got it right?

Can you find 4 mistakes?

Did you find them all?








Can you write the sentence?



  and -s for plurals.


Challenge: did you notice anything else in the picture? Write another fact using ‘In the past’.


Please complete page 2 of your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.