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Missing Apostrophe

Singular Possessive Nouns

Oh dear! Patricia Punctuation has written some sentences but she has forgotten to add an apostrophe to show possession by these singular nouns. Copy out the sentence on the line provided and include the missing apostrophe.


  1. Kims mum bought some sausages from the shop.






  1. The butterflys wings flapped as it flew from flower to flower.






  1. The dogs tail wagged excitedly as he walked.






  1. The dancers costume was very colourful and bright.






  1. The witchs new broomstick was made from solid oak.






  1. The clowns gloves were large and spotty.






  1. At the party, the birthday girls presents were placed on the table.






  1. The reindeers bells gently rang as he walked through the snow.