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Wednesday 14th October

L.O: To understand place value. 


All numbers are made of digits - a digit is one of these: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. 

We use these digits to make bigger numbers. e.g 23 is a two digit number whereas 245 is a three digit number. 


Here is a place value grid. We use a place value grid to help us understand the digits stand for different values. 


Let's see how we write numbers into the columns on the place value grid. If we had the number 26, we would put 2 in the tens column and 6 in the ones column. We would then say we have 2 tens (we know that 2 tens is 20) and 6 ones. The number is 26. 


Now let's make a 3 digit number and put it in the right columns on the place value grid. 

137. We put the 1 in the hundreds column, the 3 in the tens column and the 7 in the ones column. We would say there is one hundred (we know one hundred is 100), three in the tens column (we know 3 tens is 30), and 7 in the ones column. The number is 137. 

Your turn. Draw your own place value grid on a piece of paper. In the the columns place the following numbers. You can see in the answer link that I've put these numbers onto a place value grid, so you can check that you put the digits in the right places. 








Remember to do page 6 in your maths targeted question book as this also looks at understanding place value.