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Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January

Mecredi 13 Janvier 


LO: To know how to talk about your age in French. 


Let's have a recap of what we learnt last week...


Can you remember what these sayings mean? 

Write down the English translation. 

Je m'appelle

Comment t'appelles-tu? 

Moi c'est 

s'il te plait 




Today we are moving on to talk about our age so first of all, let's watch this video of counting in French. Watch it the first time and then try and join in on the second time!


Still image for this video



French for kids: talking about your age - High Five French Sample - YouTube


Watch the link above and join in with Emma and Mathilde as they learn about how to say your age and ask 'how old are you?' in French! 

As they are practising, pause the video and have a go at all the of sayings in French!


What age are you? ............. Quel age as-tu? 

I am 10 years old .......... J'ai dix ans



Try asking somebody in your household how old they are. Did the understand? Could you teach them? Have a go!