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LEARNING to make a difference

Wb 8.2.21

Last week was World Mental Health week for Children and as this is also the last week of term, I thought we should should do some art that makes us happy and shows people who we are. 


I would like you to create a piece of art that makes you happy.

What would be on your art?

I would have my family and my cats. I would have something to do with Harry Potter as that is my favourite book. I would have some purple for my favourite colour and something yellow for the sun because I love the sunshine. 

I might have a yellow daffodil because that is my grandad's favourite flower and I might have a lily because that it my favourite flower. I also might have something about Africa as that is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. 


You can choose any method of art to make this like drawing, colouring, painting, cutting and sticking. 


I am sure these pieces of art are going to be wonderful!

Have fun.