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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Wb 22.2.21

Monday - Draw around one of your hands and decorate each finger with something you are good at.


Tuesday - Let’s play would you rather.

                 Would you rather…

                        1. Meet a ghost or a witch?

                        2. Be a doctor or a vet

                        3. Have pizza or fried chicken?


Wednesday - Draw a comic strip of a fun time that you have had. Who was there? What did you do?


Thursday - Close your eyes and scribble on a piece of paper. Really enjoy the freedom of just scribbling.


Friday - Let’s play would you rather.

             Would you rather…

                   1. Be a famous singer or actor?

                   2. Fly or be invisible?

                   3. Eat chips or mash?