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Tuesday 12th January 2021

LO: To know that we can add –s to make some words plural.


This is our non-fiction book: Toys.



It has pictures of lots of toys.


When we have more than 1 of something it is called plural. Plural means more than one.

When we have more than 1, we can just add ‘s’ to lots of words, so when we read the word we know there is more than 1.


Use your phonics to read more about plurals.






Watch this video to help you understand.

Here is an example, can you make the other nouns plural by adding s?



Have a go at these, you will need to copy them on paper.



Here are some more examples for you to try using your phonics to spell the words.




Now, take a break, then:


Complete page 2 and 3 of your CGP English Comprehension Question book, you can read them using your phonics!





Animal Plurals to download