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LEARNING to make a difference

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Today we are going to learn more about our bodies.


Can you read this word using your phonics?



Our skeleton is the name we give to all the bones inside our bodies. 

You can feel some of the bones through your skin, like your skull that protects your brain in your head, or your ribs in your chest.


The characters in Funnybones are skeletons. That is why they only have bones.


You can watch the story here: 

Funnybones - Give Us A Story!

In a dark dark house... In a dark dark cellar... Live some... skeletons!!!

Join in the Skeleton dance and learn which bones are connected!


The Skeleton Dance | Super Simple Songs

Now, have a go at making your own picture of a skeleton.

You can use cotton buds (like in the picture below), straws, cocktail sticks, anything else you like, or you can draw one on paper.