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Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday 19th January

LO: To know how to write a prediction. 


Before we read the next chapter of the book, we are going to try and predict what is going to happen next by using our knowledge so far. Let's take a look at the title of the chapter on the next page of The Iron Man. Does this give you any clues? 


Next, lets have a look at the first page of the chapter. Does this give you any clues? 

Here's a few questions for you to think about before you write your prediction: 

1. What is the next chapter called?

2. How does the second chapter begin? 

3. What characters do you think will play apart in the following chapter?


Please can you write a short prediction of your ideas for the next chapter. Around 3/4 sentences will be enough to cover the questions above. 



Our next activity is to read the 3rd chapter of the book. 

Just like we would in class, you are going to listen the first time and then read the chapter independently tomorrow. If you click on the link below it will take you to a 10 minute youtube video of a reading of chapter 3. While you are listening, please make any notes that will help you to remember any key information.