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Tuesday 13th October

L.O: To use apostrophes for possession.


Yesterday, we looked at using an apostrophe to show possession. For example, when a book belongs to Miss Parkinson, we say it is Miss Parkinson's book. We add an apostrophe and an s to the end of the noun. 


In the following sentence, can you spot where the 's should go?


Buckingham Palace gates are painted gold and black. 


The apostrophe goes after Palace

Buckingham Palace's gates are painted gold and black. 


Can you put in the apostrophes in the following sentences. The answers are in the link below. 


Catherine house is old and large.

The cat eyes are different colours. 

St Paul Cathedral is in central London. 

Rachel favourite sport is running. 

The forest light is always changing.

The Statue of Liberty is probably one of America most famous landmarks. 


Don't forget to check you answers!