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Tuesday 12th January

At the beginning of William Shakespeare's plays, there is always a prologue.


A prologue explains to the audience what will happen in the play to give them background information

and to help them understand what they are about to watch.


They even use a prologue at the start of Gnomeo and Juliet.

Gnomeo & Juliet: "Gnomeo & Juliet Intro" Clip


Today, we are going to look at the actual prologue Shakespeare used in Romeo and Juliet.


As the play was written in 1595, there are a lot of words and phrases which are old-fashioned and you may not understand them.


Therefore, we are going to focus on learning this new vocabulary to help you to understand what Romeo and Juliet is about and you may then be able to use the words in your writing this half-term.



Task 1


Please match up the words highlighted in pink with their definitions.

You can use the internet or a dictionary to help you.




Task 2


Now that you know what the vocabulary means in the prologue, I would like you to write your own synopsis to explain what the Romeo and Juliet play is about. 


A synopsis is a brief summary of the plot, which explains how the story unfolds.


Here is my WAGOLL:


Two families in Verona, who have a similar importance in society, create the setting for this play. A quarrel between them has been passed down through generations to their youngest children, and a lot of innocent civilians have suffered. The parents from both houses kill their children from these actions: their children are in love and commit suicide in order to be together. Their tragic ending ends their parents’ hatred for one another. This is what the 2 hour play is about and if you listen carefully, anything that you have missed here will be explained further soon.