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Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 12th January 2021

LO: To know what an expanded noun phrase is. 


Before we start todays lesson, let's have a think about our book 'The Man on the Moon'. If you have forgotten, you can go back to yesterdays lesson and re-watch the videos. 

Did you enjoy the story?

What was your favourite part and why? 


Next week, we are going to be writing our own version of 'The Man on the Moon' and we want it to sound even better than the original version! Today, we are going to be learning about expanded noun phrases to link in with you work in SPAG. Altogether, we are going to be working through the 'expanded noun phrase' video on the Oak Academy website. 



Click on the link below to watch the online lesson. Click on 'start lesson' and it will take you straight to the video. When she asks you to complete a task, you can just pause the video until you have finished and then play again when you are ready. 


 To explore expanded noun phrases (



Now I would like you to put your newly learnt knowledge of expanded noun phrases to work. Split an A4 piece of paper into 8 sections by folding it in half, in half and in half again. So in other words, fold your piece of paper in half 3 TIMES. When you open up your sheet you will have 8 sections... something a little like this...



Once you have folded your piece of paper, please can you label each section with a different planet. There are 8 planets therefore, one for each box. It should look a little like this... 

Finally, when you have labelled all 8 boxes it is time to fill them with expanded noun phrases! 

Can you please write at least 1 expanded noun phrase to describe each planet. 

Here are some ideas to get you started...