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Thursday 7th January

Thursday 7th January 

LO: To know how to write a complex sentence using relative pronouns. 




This is a very short, simple sentence. 






Can you see, we now have 2 simple sentences. However, this is still very simple. 







In the complex sentence above, the relative clause adds extra information. 

Can you spot what we were learning about yesterday? 

 A relative pronoun!!! 

The relative pronouns are: WHO     WHOSE    THAT    WHICH


KEY INFORMATION: A relative clause (extra information) always starts with a relative pronoun.

What is the relative pronoun use  in the complex sentence above? 



Task 1

For each sentence underline the relative pronoun. 

1. James, who is a good finder, is good at hide and seek. 

2. My cat, who loves fish, purrs when I feed her. 

3. The summer holidays, which lasts six weeks, are great


Task 2

Match up each main clause (essential information) with its appropriate relative clause (extra information). 


Task 3

Can you break each complex sentence down into 2 simple sentences? Look at the first slide (at the top) to help you! 

1. Bananas, which grow in tropical countries, have to be flown into Britain. 


2. I went to a party yesterday, which meant I was home very late. 


3. Joe held the rabbit which had escaped.