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Thursday 7th January

Yesterday, we thought about how food is an important part of celebrations and connecting people together.


Today, I would like you to think of an important celebratory meal.


Why did you have it?

What food did you have?

What made it important?

Who was invited?

How did everyone feel?


Here is a photo of one of my favourite meals.



This was taken during the first lockdown on my birthday. 

We had an afternoon tea with a trifle and a strawberry slush. These are my favourite foods and drink.

This was important to me as it was a strange birthday as I was unable to see my family and friends, but Mrs Booth sent this to me as a surprise. The sun was shining all day too. Todd was invited though and he kept eyeing up my pork pie! 

Even though I could only speak to everyone on Facetime and Zoom, I had a lovely day and felt very loved.