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Thursday 21st January

Thursday 21st January 

LO: To know how to edit our work to improve it. 


This week we have been writing our OWN versions of the 'Man on the Moon'.

On Monday, we wrote our INTRODUCTION.

On Tuesday, we wrote our MIDDLE PARAGRAPH.

Yesterday, we wrote our ENDING.


So, what are we doing today you may ask?


We are going to be EDITING our stories.

Have a look at these examples that we have done in school!

This is where 'write a line, miss a line' comes in handy.

On the line that we missed you can edit your work and add in any extras!




Now it's your turn to edit your 3 paragraphs using a different coloured pen. 

To do this you need to do 4 things:


1. Read through your work and tick off everything you have used in our success criteria.


2. If anything on your criteria isn't ticked, this is the time where you can add it in!


3. Get an adult or somebody else at home to read through your work and check your spellings. If you are unsure of any, use a dictionary or google to check and correct them. 


4.  Check you have capital letters for: names, planets, days of the week and at the start of every sentence.