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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Thursday 21st January


Starter Task


Please log  into TT Rockstars. We would like you to practise your tables because we know that practise makes perfect! I know you all want to become a rockstar hero, so set yourself a challenge and try and beat your friend’s score. Don’t forget that your teachers will be able to see your scores.

Try and spend 10 minutes on Gig and Studio, and then test yourself by completing the Soundcheck.



Main Task


Please complete page 3 in your CGP Key Stage Two Maths Mental Workout book (the one with the ABC sections).


Use a piece of paper to complete any working out that you need to do.


I know that some of these questions are quite tricky, so please use these hints to help you if you are struggling.



Remember to just try your best - that is all we ask for smiley


You could ask an adult to use the answers in the back of your books to check your work or you can mark your

own in a different coloured pen.