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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference



1.   The car was quick. She drove ___________

2.   The play was superb. The actors acted ____________

3.   The horse was slow. It plodded along ____________

4.   The boy was stupid. He waved his arms round ___________

5.   The music was beautiful. She played the piano _______________

6.   They hope it is chips for dinner. They are very _____________

7.   This sunshine is a delight. It is a _______________ day.

8.   He has a tear in his eye. He is a bit ____________.

9.   What a waste of paper. That is so ____________.

10.  He has a lot of stress. His job is very ______________.

11.  There is no hope. It is a  ______________ situation.

12.   It’s no use running away. It would be ___________ to try.

13.  She hasn’t a clue. She is ____________!

14.  They have no fear at all. They are ____________.

15.  He has no parents. He is ________________.


Now write down your spellings and put each one into a sentence of your own.