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Thursday 15th October

Thursday 15th October 2020

LO: to know how to write expanded noun phrases. 



A NOUN is a place, name or a thing. 

An EXPANDED NOUN PHRASE is where you add adjectives to the noun to make it more exciting.


You can add more than one adjective to each noun to make it even more exciting!

For example: The warrior lifted their shiny, deadly sword into the air, ready for battle.




Improve the sentences below using two adjectives to describe the noun highlighted. Don't forget your 

punctuation - you need a comma between the adjectives like shown in the example above.


1. The lion roared with anger at the hyenas.

2. The dog ran excitedly to his ball. 

3. Beth created a piece of art for her school project. 

4. Sarah bought a bag with her birthday money. 

5. The lake in the distance looked very inviting. 

6. The house at the end of the street had been put up for sale.