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Thursday 15th October

L.O: To understands hundreds, tens and ones. 


Last week, we used the place value grid and counters to make numbers. Then we drew the place value counters to represent different numbers. Today we are going to draw some more place value counters. Remember, when you draw the counter you have to put the numbers 1, 10 or 100 inside the counter. 

Look at the one I have made below. What number am I showing? 

That's right. I've drew the number 23. 

Now it's your turn. On a piece of paper with a pencil, make the place value grid and draw the following numbers.





What is this number? 

Well done! It is 234. 


Now it's your turn. 

Draw the following numbers onto your grid. 






Challenge -

What do you think the number 304 will look like on the grid? Draw it and then check mine in the answers link to see if they look the same.