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Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January

LO: To know how to write a box plan. 


Let's think our book 'Man on the Moon'. Do you think you could split this book into 3 sections? Have a think, what might these 3 sections be? 

That's right! 

Beginning, Middle and the End!

Fold a plain piece of paper into 3 sections and label them with beginning, middle and end.



Work your way through the book, one page at a time, and note down the main events on each page. For example, on page 1, Bob is introduced and the book explains how he is known as the Man on the Moon.




Here's what I came up with... 

Today we are going to be using a BOX PLAN to help us plan our own versions of the 'Man on the Moon'. 

We can use the 3 sections and our starter activity to help us.


Here is a box plan with the original story split into beginning,                                    Here is the box plan again, but this time I have filled in the        middle and end.                                                                                                          middle section. This is 'our story'. I have used the questions in                                                                                                                                       each section of our starter activity to plan my own story. 







Now you are going to have a go at planning your own BOX PLAN for your OWN STORY. Use the starter activity to help you just like I have.

For example, in the 'beginning' we have a character and a planet. I have picked the name 'MAX' and instead of my story being on the moon I picked a different planet - MARS. In this case, you can come up with your own name for your main character as well as pick one of the planets we have been researching. REMEMBER - a plan is all about NOTES. Use bullet points to help you!


While you are writing down your notes for each section, take a look at our success criteria. You can use it just like I did above and highlight when you have included something. If all of these things are include in your plan you know that you will have them in your final piece!

Remember, you are AMAZING!

I believe in you and I can't wait to hear some of your amazing ideas!