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Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January

LO: To be able to answer CLIMB questions. 



C - Find and copy a phrase, from page 20, that describes the Iron Man as being a giant.

L - On page 27, find a phrase that means 'edge of the cliff'. 

I - Who do you think was watching Hogarth on page 19? 

M - What does the author mean by 'at every farm the footprints visited'? 

B - Explain what the picture is showing on page 22. 


Today we are also going to be practicing our inference style questions. Inference questions ask about the meaning of a line, paragraph, or even an entire passage. The ideas being asked about are not directly stated in the text, which means we have to use our knowledge of the book to help us answer inference questions. 



1. Read the question carefully and understand what you are being asked. 

2. Make sure you understand the main idea of the line/ paragraph/ chapter. 

3. Use the question as a way of starting your answer


Inference practice questions

1. If you were a farmer, would you have believed Hogarth's father that there was a giant in town? Why/ why not?

2. How do you think Hogarth feels when the fox outsmarts his trap?

3. Why do you think they used the red lorry as 'bait' to trap the Iron Man? 

4. Why does Hogarth tap together a nail and a knife to attract the Iron Man's attention? 

5. On page 31, why did Hogarth feel guilty?