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LEARNING to make a difference

Religious Education

Week 1 (8th January)


This half term we will be learning about Christianity and that Jesus was a friend to everyone.






When Jesus was alive, children were thought of as not important and if they were brought to him to be blessed, they were often stopped. However, Jesus did not agree and would say ‘let them come to me’.


Here is a story you can watch, called ‘Jesus and the Children’.



After you have listened to the story, draw a picture of Jesus with you and your friends from school.


You could also think of some questions you would ask Jesus and write them underneath your picture. Remember our English learning and use a question mark (?) at the end of each sentence.


E.g. Why did your disciples try to stop the children being blessed?


Week 2 (14th January)


LO: To understand the importance of saying thank you.

Today we are going to think about the importance of saying ‘thank you’.

We are going to listen to another bible story.


The Ten Lepers







The people in this story had an illness but no one would help them except Jesus. Only one person came back to thank Jesus.


Discuss with your adult why it is important to say thank you.




Make a thank you card or write a letter to someone who has helped you during this difficult time we are all dealing with.



Maybe write a short prayer thanking God.





Thursday 21st January



LO: To identify the importance of helping others.

Before we read today’s bible story, I want you to close your eyes and listen to everything going on around you.


Think about what it would be like if you couldn’t see only hear sounds around you.

There was once a man named Bartimaeus that Jesus helped. 

Read the story:



Your task:

With an adult have a go at completing some of these challenges blindfolded:

  • Catch a ball.
  • Find your shoes.
  • Get a cup of water.
  • Draw a picture of yourself.
  • Make your bed.


Were these hard to do without the help of another person?



Think about helping others who may find doing everyday activities difficult to do by themselves.





Thursday 28th January


LO: To identify the importance of helping others.


In last weeks lesson we heard about a blind man that Jesus helped. He was not the only person helped by Jesus.

Here is a story about a deaf man that Jesus helped too.








Think about what it must be like to be deaf. Think of all the things you would miss.

You wouldn't be able to hear the voices of your mother, your father, your brothers and sisters, your friends, the barking of a dog or the meowing of a kitten. You might be able to feel the vibrations, but you wouldn't be able to hear the sound of music.


People who cannot hear need to communicate in a different way. They use sign language. Can you learn to say some phrases in sign language?

Here are a few to learn:



Have a go at learning a song in sign language.

Thursday 3rd February


LO: To understand that people can be forgiven.



Think about the stories you have heard about Jesus over the last few weeks and the people that he helped.

Today we are going to learn about another act of friendship by Jesus. This story is about a man who was paralysed.

Paralysed means; a person cannot move a certain part of their body. In this story the man cannot walk.


Listen to the story:


Even though the man had sinned, Jesus was still able to help him by healing him so he could walk.



Discuss with your adult, these questions:


  • Why did the four men do this for their friend?
  • How did the man feel as he was lowered?
  • How did the man feel when Jesus spoke to him?
  • How did he feel as he walked out of the house?
  • What were the disciples/crowd/owner of the house thinking?


Thursday 11th February


LO: To know about Shrove Tuesday and why we celebrate it.


Today we are going to find out about Shrove Tuesday and what it means for Christians.

This year Shrove Tuesday is on 16th February


Read through the information.





During Lent people usually give up something, have a think about what you could give up.


Complete this in your workbook



On Shrove Tuesday have a go at making pancakes and add your favourite toppings. If you you like upload a photo of them on Google Classroom.

My favourite toppings would be lemon and sugar but I also like Nutella too!

Here is a recipe.