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LEARNING to make a difference


                                                         Lowry Visit


Willow 1 and Willow 2 visited the Lowry to learn about a famous person from the local area.

The children learnt about the artist L.S. Lowry. They looked around the gallery and learnt some new art skills and used different media to draw portraits. The children had a great time and display excellent behaviour, which was commented on by members of the public and the staff. Well done Year 2!


Trip to Hoghton Tower

On Wednesday 6th November Year 2 went to Hoghton Tower in Preston.

The children dressed up as Ladies and Knights and they looked around the grand house. They saw the bedroom were Kings and Queens have stayed in. They went into the banquet hall and took part in a knighting ceremony. They also went into the underground passages and saw the dungeons where prisoners were kept.

The children also went into a room where visitors are not usually allowed and they saw special memorabilia from Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

We all had a fantastic day!

                                               Christmas Festivities 


Fun with Freddie Fit


Christmas Nativity

Willow 1 and Willow 2 performed 'A King is Born' in church. They were all amazing and showed great acting and singing skills.

Well done!

Thank you to the parents and carers who came to watch.