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Monster Meditation (Week 4)

We know it can get a little boring and frustrating being stuck at home for so long. So it is very important that we focus on our own wellbeing. This week, as part of your well being, why not try some' Monster Meditation'. 


There are 6 short videos on you tube which feature Sesame Street characters; Cookie Monster, Elmo and Grover. The characters experience frustration, impatience, nervousness, disappointment and excitement (Feelings you may also be experiencing). 


Breathing and sensory activities can help with your all important everyday feelings.

1: Sesame Street Monster Meditation: I-Sense with Cookie Monster and Headspace

Cookie Monster can't wait for his cookies to be done baking! His friend Mr. Andy from Headspace is here to help with a Monster Meditation. Join Cookie Monste...

2: Sesame Street Monster Meditation: Goodnight Body with Elmo and Headspace

Elmo and Baby David can't get to sleep - they just want to play! Good thing their friend Mr. Andy from Headspace is here with another Sesame Street Monster M...

3. Sesame Street Monster Meditation: Focus Rhyme with Grover and Headspace

Grover is doing too many things at once! His friend Mr. Andy from Headspace has a special monster meditation to help him do one thing at a time: a focus rhym...

4. Sesame Street Monster Meditation #4: Try Try Again with Two-Headed Monster and Headspace

Two-Headed Monster's block tower fell over, and Two-Headed is feeling frustrated! His friend Mr. Andy from Headspace has a monster meditation that can help. ...

5: Sesame Street Monster Meditation #5: Belly Buddy Breathing with Rosita and Headspace

It's okay to feel nervous - we all feel nervous sometimes. Mr. Andy from Headspace is here to help and teach Rosita and Carmen a special monster meditation c...

6: Sesame Street Monster Meditation #6: Play 123 Freeze with Elmo and Headspace

Play 123 Freeze with Elmo and his friend Mr. Andy from Headspace! This game is a special Monster Meditation that can help you when you're feeling disappointe...