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Monday 19th October 2020

Monday 19th October 2020


L.O: To know how to use adjectives, prepositions, verbs or adverbs.


Last week we looked at using adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs. You then decided whether to add adjectives, prepositions, verbs or adverbs into my description. Using the word mats and links to The Oak Academy from last week to help, it’s now your turn! Please write your own setting description and make sure that you are using adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs. I have included my example that is full of lots of adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs as a starting point.


The glistening moon shines brightly over the spacious cave. Underneath the moon is a friendly woolly mammoth with cave baby on his hairy back. Cave baby enjoys riding happily as they journey through the Stone Age. They see a joyful hare bounding boisterously through the leaves that are covered in thorny blackberries. As they enter the cave, Cave baby sees lots of paintings covering the wall that show lots of interesting animals and scriptures.


Now write your own!