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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January


LO: To know and use fronted adverbials.


In Year Four we started learning a little about fronted adverbials and you were all good at adding these to your writing. This week we will be remembering and recapping this learning and also learning more about how we can use different types of fronted adverbials to improve your writing.


Watch the video below. Remember you can pause it at any point, or watch it again to help you understand.


18.01.21 Identifying Different Types of Nouns.mp4

Still image for this video

To help you with your learning this week, the following word mat will support you thinking of lots of great ideas.

For today's learning we would like to complete the work below. Remember you don't need to print anything, you can write the verbs or adverbials on lined paper or you could just point to them on the screen to show your adult.