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Monday 18th January


This week's spelling rule is words that contain the letter string 'ough'.




This is one of the trickiest spelling rules as there are 7 different sounds for the spelling rule 'ough'.


1. The first way is like 'uff' in the word rough.

Sandpaper is a rough material.


2. The second way is like 'ow' in the word plough.

The farmer used his plough to make lines in the ground to plant seeds.


3. The third was is like 'oa' in the word dough.

You must let the dough rise before you put it in the oven.


4. The fourth way is like 'off' in the word cough.

Todd has a runny nose and a bad cough.


5. The fifth way is like 'aw' in the word bought.

I went to the shop and bought a bunch of flowers.


6. The sixth way is like 'oo' in the word through.

Miss Booth walked through the door.


7. The seventh way is like 'uh' in the word thorough.

Mrs Booth did a thorough search of her handbag for her car keys.



Read the words in the list and write them under the correct 'ough' sound. 

(You don't need to print this out. Make your own lists on lined paper.)





Can you think of any other words that might find under the different 'ough' sounds?


Clue - try to think of rhyming words.