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LO: To know how to add my making 10.


Adults: Today's lesson is activity based. There is a short video with some activities included to 'play with a friend'. Please play with your child a few times to help them understand how to make then and use this to add numbers. If there is an older sibling at home, they may enjoy completing the activity together.

Feel free to support your child as much as they need by showing them how to use their objects to find the answers, as well as helping them to do this for themselves.


Activity 1:

You will need:

  1. a ten square - you can draw one using the squares in your book (see picture below)
  2. 2 different types of objects (instead of counters) e.g. pasta, pennies, different colour pieces of lego or anything you can find. If you do not have anything at home, you can draw more tens frames and use 0 and X instead
  3. somebody to play with.


Activity 2:

You will need another ten square, so you have 2 you can use.


Add by making 10 activity

Add by making ten and adding on to solve these equations. (You can use your objects and ten-frames to help you)









Please complete page 24 of your blue Maths book.